Introducing “Ginge-Air”, Manchester Airport

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Going on holiday from Mancs? T1? Start in style with a scoop of Ginger’s Comfort. New pop-up in terminal 1 from 8th June! We have a Piaggio Ape van, LIKE A LITTLE GINGER!! GINGER’S LITTLE BRO! Introducing Ginge-Air. First class travel for all. More details here.


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OUT NOW! Hmm, what to say? Other than MASSIVE EXCITEMENT and writing in capitals MORE THAN USUAL!! And liberal use of exclamation marks!!. On a serious note, remember the 25th of April, for there shall be an ice cream and drinks book launch at the Whim Wham Cafe in town. So if you’re canny enough [...]

Stop me and buy one!

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If you have an event or market you’d like to see Ginger on, or want a private visit, drop me a line –

Guerilla Eats, Manchester 8th & 9th

Posted in: Events, History, News, Uncategorized- Dec 07, 2012 No Comments I’ve always felt that Manchester can do whatever London does with bells on. I’ve always secretly thought that street food, as a feature of life and culture across the globe, could never really happen in the same way here in the UK, firstly because of the crappy weather, but also our restrictive city centre [...]

Best. Summer. EVER! Cheers you lot.

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After a worrying start to the year – several awful breakdowns (van. Not me, quite) HUGE garage bills, rain cancelling events and lost pitch fees, everything changed in June. Karma kicked in and it was one brilliant event after another. Ending with a double win at the British Street Food Awards – “Best Dessert” for [...]

Wilderness Festival 2012

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Gourmet banquets, camel rides, naked wild swimming, a speak easy, Roller Disco, chilled champers served IN GLASS…. never have I been to a posher festival. Lots of fun had, lots, and lots of ice cream sold. Ran out by Sunday 3pm. Had to issue a challenge thus “All sold out except for XV Olive Oil [...]


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I can finally say it! Going round saying “I’ve got a book coming out in 2013″ didn’t have the same ring. 80 of my ice-cream recipes are bought to you courtesy of Simon and Schuster, next springtime. Working title is “Melt. Ice-cream from Ginger’s Comfort Emporium”. I’ll be spending these next few months recipe testing, [...]

Camels’ Milk ice-cream

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“Claire, for this year’s Spectacular I want you to do something that’s never been done before!!” said Alexa, founder of The Experimental Food Society. “Er…. placenta?” I half joked. Well what hasn’t been done flavour wise? Using milk from a camel would have been worth doing for it’s own sake, after all, that’s what the [...]


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I got the award for Best Dessert, and came second in the Best Looking Mobiler category! Thanks for your votes. Super happy. Incredible food from everyone on show. If you’re lucky enough to come across these street food traders just order EVERYTHING. – Cafe Mor, Flying Ducks, Lullabelle’s Lunches, Churros Bros.

Just So Festival

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Just got back with empty freezers. Favorite memory? This little boy called Bertie who came up to my van everyday saying ‘ice-cream! ice-cream!’ a hundred times, each time as full as surprise as the first.