Camels’ Milk ice-cream

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“Claire, for this year’s Spectacular I want you to do something that’s never been done before!!” said Alexa, founder of The Experimental Food Society. “Er…. placenta?” I half joked. Well what hasn’t been done flavour wise? Using milk from a camel would have been worth doing for it’s own sake, after all, that’s what the [...]


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I got the award for Best Dessert, and came second in the Best Looking Mobiler category! Thanks for your votes. Super happy. Incredible food from everyone on show. If you’re lucky enough to come across these street food traders just order EVERYTHING. – Cafe Mor, Flying Ducks, Lullabelle’s Lunches, Churros Bros.

Just So Festival

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Just got back with empty freezers. Favorite memory? This little boy called Bertie who came up to my van everyday saying ‘ice-cream! ice-cream!’ a hundred times, each time as full as surprise as the first.

Secret Garden Party

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At the Secret Garden Party, the ice-cream smorgasboard board was born. And, it was goood.


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At the end now of the busy summer season. There’s been camels’ milk ice-cream, Smorgasboards, awards, fun and frollics. I’ll be on the Chorlton Food market and Beech Rd bonfire night party over winter and of course, out on home delivery. Get in touch if you want to book Ginger for your event next year.

North West Fine Food Award Winner!

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… For ‘This Monkey’s gone To Heaven’ (roast banana, caramel, and peanut). The judges were seduced by it’s fruity, toffee-y, salty goodness. Or they’re all just big Pixies fans.


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Sarah and Tim got married on the 28th May, and Ginger was there hosting a cocktail waiter, who was very talented as well as being clean and tidy. Thanks. Turns out the soft ice-cream machine is a perfect bar! Sarah wore Weddingtons – wedding wellies… Well I never.

Southport’s finest..

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Southport Food & Drink draws to an end. Met some lovely lovely people. These were the coolest ice-cream fans of the festival.. Beth and Isobel.

Find me… Street Markets and Parties

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Catch me on the South Manchester Street Markets… Chorlton is every 3rd Saturday of the month, West Didsbury every 4th. I’ll also be on the Marple Farmers Market on Easter Sunday, and Manchester’s Northern Quarter Royal Wedding Street party on 29th April. To illustrate this, here is Marco Pierre White. Look I’m sorry if you’ve [...]

Awwright Treacle?!

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Having lived around Chorlton for nigh on 15 years (minus a brief interlude in the North), I felt like I was selling from my back yard on Saturday at the market. It was a bit like Sesame St, or Albert Square when Eastenders was good. I used to love Eastenders. Awwright treacle! See ya next [...]