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At the end now of the busy summer season. There’s been camels’ milk ice-cream, Smorgasboards, awards, fun and frollics. I’ll be on the Chorlton Food market and Beech Rd bonfire night party over winter and of course, out on home delivery. Get in touch if you want to book Ginger for your event next year.

North West Fine Food Award Winner!

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… For ‘This Monkey’s gone To Heaven’ (roast banana, caramel, and peanut). The judges were seduced by it’s fruity, toffee-y, salty goodness. Or they’re all just big Pixies fans.


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Sarah and Tim got married on the 28th May, and Ginger was there hosting a cocktail waiter, who was very talented as well as being clean and tidy. Thanks. Turns out the soft ice-cream machine is a perfect bar! Sarah wore Weddingtons – wedding wellies… Well I never.