Camels’ Milk ice-cream

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“Claire, for this year’s Spectacular I want you to do something that’s never been done before!!” said Alexa, founder of The Experimental Food Society. “Er…. placenta?” I half joked. Well what hasn’t been done flavour wise?
Using milk from a camel would have been worth doing for it’s own sake, after all, that’s what the society is about for me – experimentation, fun, frivolity. But the more we looked into it, there were sooo many reasons to start using camel milk. It’s a wholefood, ie, it provides all round nutrition, particularly vitamins B and C. It contains ten times more iron than cows’ milk.
I ordered it from the only EU approved camel farm in Holland, it churned really well in the Carpi machine, so off I went. And then came the press coverage. “CONSUMERS GET THE HUMP! £4 a scoop WHAT A RIP OFF” said The Sun. I started getting emails from people wanting it to help with their diabetes, autistic children, chrones disease. Arabic and Somali communities have known the medicinal properties of camel milk for millennia. I wondered if it could catch on here.
Everybody seemed to enjoy it, whether plain, or the Rose and Lemon, or Roast Banana and Rum. The nicest part for me, was knowing that the milk has come from happy animals. Notoriously grumpy, would you want to milk a pissed off camel?

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  1. sarah says:

    The Camels’ Ice Cream sounds amazing, will you be making it again? I’d love to buy some as a present for my sister who loves camels.

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