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I can finally say it! Going round saying “I’ve got a book coming out in 2013″ didn’t have the same ring. 80 of my ice-cream recipes are bought to you courtesy of Simon and Schuster, next springtime. Working title is “Melt. Ice-cream from Ginger’s Comfort Emporium”. I’ll be spending these next few months recipe testing, so you’ll see me on the local Manchester Markets with a huge range of flavours I’ll want you to try. Most likely scenario will be “but do you prefer this version or that version? With nuts or without? Sweeter or sharper?” I’ve got a lot of work to do.
The photography is flipping amazing. Emily Dennison is shooting for us in her trademark imaginative/ eccentric style. I hope she’ll let me give a couple of sneak previews. Cannot wait to get stuck in to our next shoot.
I’m even gonna share the recipe for double award winning This Monkey’s Gone To Heaven. (NW Fine Food and British Street Food Awards). The difficulty is translating my scrapy notes into fully fleshed instructions denoting metric, imperial and cups. A Glug, dash, smattering, pinch, sprinkling, slosh – we do all know what these are don’t we?

3 Responses to “MY BOOK IS OUT NEXT YEAR!!”

  1. Em says:

    any chance of a recipe on here as a sneak preview?

  2. Rebecca hanlon says:

    Can’t actually wait for this to come out. Best ice cream EVER! By far!!

  3. Athena Williams says:

    Looking forward to book coming out, I love your icecream

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