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CAMEL MILK ICE CREAM, in these delicious flavours…

Plain, touch of vanilla
Pure Origins chocolate
Vanilla & tonka bean

A few of you may recall our ventures with camel milk a couple of years back. We’ve got more! The last batch was raw milk from a farm in Holland, this time we’re using the Camelicious brand, which comes pasteurised from their farm in Dubai. Camel milk is low in fat, contains beneficial fatty acids and is high in vitamin C. There are no known allergies to it, and for those who are intolerant to the lactose in dairy it’s a great alternative to cows’ milk and soya.
One aspect of using camel milk that appealed to me back in 2011 was the assertion from the farmers I met that you couldn’t milk a grumpy camel. Keeping the animals happy was a big part of milking these strong, leggy beasts. Camelicious keep their camels in spacious paddocks within their own social groupings, and are always within short reach of their calves. Camels have a strong emotional bond with their off-spring (as I suspect cows do) and this is reassuring. Mothers and calves also exercise together daily. The overall health and wellbeing of the herds are a high priority with regular washing, grooming and nail clipping, along with high quality nutrition.
There’s a long way to go PR-wise in getting camel milk accepted in the general consensus of “things that aren’t too weird to eat” but please come in and try it! We love introducing people to the weird and wonderful, why keep having the same things? People often come in asking for soya milk, but it’s nasty and we don’t stock it! Plenty of others do, we don’t. I’m not on a mission to convert, just to offer something new.

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