NEWS. Chorlton Crack’s come home!

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Hello hello! I feel like we haven’t spoken in AGES! How the heck are you? Let me tell you what’s happened behind the scenes here at Ginger’s. First off, bad news post-summer when we were served eviction from our city centre kitchen. I found out at Wilderness Festival, I served ice cream from the van all day with blubbery eyes and wobbly bottom lip. So priority over autumn was finding a new kitchen – to no avail. I had to build one myself. Enormous work over October – December but finally it’s done. And it’s brilliant. I’ve got a purple floor which makes me smile everyday. And two churners now! We are ready to rock 2015. And the best thing? It’s in Chorlton. Chorlton Crack’s come home!

Our ice cream bar in Afflecks has been in the assured hands of Gem, Helen and Laura. Splendid milkshake specials like “Lovely Pear” (spiced pear, tonka and espresso) are happening, and we’ve got warm brownies to go with your ice cream. With kitchen building work, I’ve not had chance to go to town on the winter flavours like usual, and as we speak there’s still a crack shortage, yikes! But soon SOON we’ll be back normal. Spiced Rum Bun, Apple Crumble Mulled Wine Sorbet have been our seasonal treats, if you’ve not been in for a while put a visit in your diary.

What else have I been doing, apart from fretting over extraction filters? I squeezed in a visit to Iceland. GORGEOUS. Lava fields, volcanos, waterfalls, glaciers, cool music, great bars and rye bread ice cream. I’m gonna try that out on you guys soon. If you like our marmalade on toast ice cream I think you’ll dig it. And I just got back from Paris, where a trip to Pierre Herme has given me some ideas. Time for a revival of our Clementine & Olive oil sorbet.

Can’t wait to see you all again soon back on the markets – Levenshulme, University of Manchester every Tuesday lunchtime, Knutsford etc…. where you’ve seen us before you’ll see us again. And of course there’s Manchester International Festival in July. We’ll be in Albert Square every day. I’m so excited for this year. And Ginger’s passed her MOT this week. All reasons to celebrate. Pass the Prosecco please!
x Claire

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