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We need one or two special people to join the team. It’s a multi-task job so I’ll describe what it entails, and if you think you fit the bill contact me at hello@gingerscomfortemporium.com
We have so much fun at Ginger’s, it’s perfect for someone who likes variation through the week. If you only feel suitable to part of this job spec, worth emailing me anyway. Salary details will be provided.
It’s now Autumn/ Winter, so I’m in no hurry to hire… I need someone for around February, March at the very latest.

1. Be 24+ years old with a clean driving license. You’ll be taking Ginger to weddings and markets. Having a speeding ticket on your license isn’t the end of the world, but I have to specify age, because if you’re under 24 I won’t be able to afford to insure you (with or without a speeding ticket!) Van driving experience is a bonus.

2. Kitchen experience, or kitchen confidence. You’ll be making ice cream, which isn’t actually difficult, so you don’t have to have cheffing experience, just be a keen home cook, a good attitude to hard work and a willingness to learn.

3. Excellent customer service. Ice cream makes people happy! And serving it is a joy. If you’re not a people person you’ll struggle to get through a day in an ice cream van with a constant queue, and you’ll be working in our city centre parlour too.

4. Cafe experience. you’ll be sometimes on your own all day in the parlour, when it gets busy it can be demanding. We can teach you how to do everything from the perfect coffee to fixing a killer French Elvis, but it helps if you know how to work a cafe – how to manage your time, keep it clean, and deal with customers.

5. Can you deal with being on your own? If it’s raining and you’re in the ice cream van, or the shop’s quiet, or you’re working alone in the kitchen you have to be a resilient type who can self-motivate and deal with your own company.

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  1. Siobhan Harkin says:


    I have been running a flower shop in Altrincham, but unfortunately will be closing the shop down by April. I have no experience of running a cafe but have a lot of experience in serving and dealing with customer’s. I have always done all my own flower deliveries so am used to driving.

    What would the rate of pay be and how many hour’s are available?



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