About Ginger

An ice cream van for the grown-ups. This dessert wagon is mainly to be found after dark, when the children are safe in bed, roaming the streets of south Manchester. This is old school decadence for the new school run! And now you can find us in the Northern Quarter, Afflecks Palace first floor. Our indoor Comfort Emporium holds all our ice cream flavours to enjoy in toasted brioche, with hot puddings, affogato style, or milkshake.

Let Ginger soothe you with her creamy, fruity, nutty, chocolatey, meringuey, spicy, boozy, crunchy, refreshing, comforting iced desserts. All ingredients sourced, where at all possible from producers local to Manchester. If you have a unique ingredient you’d like us to experiment with, bring it in!

Available for all types of events and private hire.

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HK Art projects


If you want to know who did the gold leaf, beautiful drop shadowing, and swirly whirls all over Ginger, it’s this lady. Purveyor extraordinaire of all things you couldn’t possibly do yourself with a paintbrush.. Nicky Hancock.www.hkartprojects.co.uk