Buy the ‘Melt’ Recipe Book

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60 recipes to make you think “Ice cream. I CAN DO THIS!” and, “Guinness and gingerbread? Well I never! Sounds, and looks incredible!”

Believe it people. It’s been out 2 months now and the feedback has been immensely, heart poundingly brilliant. We put our hearts and souls into these recipes and the styling of the book, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.

All the classics are in there, Marmalade on Toast, Chorlton Crack, Plum Crumble, as well as more esoteric experiments like “English Country Garden” – Rose/ cucumber & mint lollies. There’s ice cream cakes, ice cream canapes, hot ice cream desserts like the “Tutti Frutti baked Alaska”, and “French Elvis” (toasted sandwich with peanut butter ice cream, banana and jam), award winning “Monkey Gone To Heaven”. Just about EVERYTHING in my repertoire I give to you!
Available from -
ME! At the van, £18
And all good independent bookshops, (Chorlton, Urmston.)


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We need one or two special people to join the team!
One full time role is available and is spread across the kitchen, ice cream van and parlour. We need a couple of weekend/ part time people in the parlour also.
If you only feel suitable to part of this job spec, worth emailing me anyway. Salary details will be provided.
We like to enjoy our work at Ginger’s, and the role is perfect for someone who likes variation through the week rather than doing the same thing day in day out.

1. Be 24+ years old with a clean driving license. You’ll be taking Ginger to weddings and markets. Having a speeding ticket on your license isn’t the end of the world, but I have to specify age, because if you’re under 24 I won’t be able to afford to insure you (with or without a speeding ticket!) Van driving experience is a bonus.

2. Kitchen experience, or kitchen confidence. You’ll be making ice cream, which isn’t actually difficult, so you don’t have to have cheffing experience, just be a keen home cook, a good attitude to hard work and a willingness to learn.

3. Excellent customer service. Ice cream makes people happy! And serving it is a joy. If you’re not a people person you’ll struggle to get through a day in an ice cream van with a constant queue, and you’ll be working in our city centre parlour too.

4. Cafe experience. you’ll be sometimes on your own all day in the parlour, when it gets busy it can be demanding. We can teach you how to do everything from the perfect coffee to fixing a killer French Elvis, but it helps if you know how to work a cafe – how to manage your time, keep it clean, and deal with customers.

Don’t message me here, or through social media.
Contact me by phone, 07980628868. Or email

Ginger’s Comfort Emporium in Afflecks

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Our shop/ parlour (call it what you will, we like “Chorlton Crack den”!) is open 10.30am – 6pm Monday – Saturday, (11am – 5pm Sunday) on the first floor of Affleck’s Palace, Oldham Street in the Northern Quarter. A beautiful, comfy long bar awaits you for sit-in scoops, affogato, shakes, toasted ice cream sandwiches and changing specials. And you can take away in our 500ml pots. Pictured here, The “French Elvis”. French toast, salted caramel peanut ice cream, more peanut butter, banana, fresh raspberry sauce.
There’s even a massage chair for those of you who think we don’t quite live up to the sleazy suggestion of our brand name… see you there!


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Here’s a list of our stockists – purveyors of all that’s delicious and special!
If you know an area we should be covering, or yourself would like to stock Ginger’s, get in touch.

Rudy’s Pizza, Ancoats
Sugo Pasta Kitchen, Altrincham
Epicerie Ludo, Beech Rd Chorlton
Beagle, Chorlton
Cheshire Smokehouse, Wilmslow
MilkJam Dessert Bar, 85 Oxford Street Manchester @MilkJamMCR

Ice Cream Banquet!

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HERE’S our fabulous 6 course ice cream dessert menu for Manchester Food and Drink Festival!
courtesy of ,e, Charlotte O’Toole Bakeorama, and Jackie Kearney Hungry Gecko.

1. Aperatif
Gin and Tonic Ice Pop, using Manchester’s own Thomas Dakin Gin. It’s made in small batches, (like our ice cream) and I believe it to be the finest tasting gin in the land. Notes of burnt orange and coriander.

Our award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil ice cream, with raspberry coulis and a black olive chocolate flake. British Street Food Award “Best Dessert” in 2013. Peppery notes of melon and fresh cut grass.

Jackie Kearney, author of “Vegan Street Food” blends chai spices and pistachio in an elegant baked Alaska. I love this spiced ice cream so much is staying on Ginger’s menu over winter for sure!

Honey and gorgonzola ice cream, candied mushroom, walnut praline. So good. Don’t be scared, cheese is just funky ice cream really.

Happy birthday buddy!
PORNICAKOR EXTRAORDINAIRE Charlotte O’Toole, of Bakeorama brings the party. Cake batter ice cream. And cake.

6.D.I.Y palate cleanser.
Blackberry, Rosemary and Sage Sorbet. Using dry ice, you’ll make this yourselves.

X Claire, Jackie and Charlotte.


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Our new toy. I’ve got quads like He-Man after riding it to a job at the university last week! Ginger Biker is available for your party, or festival, or if you’re in the Chorlton / Whalley Range area, even your BBQ, I’m sure one of us can wheel him over! Drop me a line here.

NEWS. Chorlton Crack’s come home!

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Hello hello! I feel like we haven’t spoken in AGES! How the heck are you? Let me tell you what’s happened behind the scenes here at Ginger’s. First off, bad news post-summer when we were served eviction from our city centre kitchen. I found out at Wilderness Festival, I served ice cream from the van all day with blubbery eyes and wobbly bottom lip. So priority over autumn was finding a new kitchen – to no avail. I had to build one myself. Enormous work over October – December but finally it’s done. And it’s brilliant. I’ve got a purple floor which makes me smile everyday. And two churners now! We are ready to rock 2015. And the best thing? It’s in Chorlton. Chorlton Crack’s come home!

Our ice cream bar in Afflecks has been in the assured hands of Gem, Helen and Laura. Splendid milkshake specials like “Lovely Pear” (spiced pear, tonka and espresso) are happening, and we’ve got warm brownies to go with your ice cream. With kitchen building work, I’ve not had chance to go to town on the winter flavours like usual, and as we speak there’s still a crack shortage, yikes! But soon SOON we’ll be back normal. Spiced Rum Bun, Apple Crumble Mulled Wine Sorbet have been our seasonal treats, if you’ve not been in for a while put a visit in your diary.

What else have I been doing, apart from fretting over extraction filters? I squeezed in a visit to Iceland. GORGEOUS. Lava fields, volcanos, waterfalls, glaciers, cool music, great bars and rye bread ice cream. I’m gonna try that out on you guys soon. If you like our marmalade on toast ice cream I think you’ll dig it. And I just got back from Paris, where a trip to Pierre Herme has given me some ideas. Time for a revival of our Clementine & Olive oil sorbet.

Can’t wait to see you all again soon back on the markets – Levenshulme, University of Manchester every Tuesday lunchtime, Knutsford etc…. where you’ve seen us before you’ll see us again. And of course there’s Manchester International Festival in July. We’ll be in Albert Square every day. I’m so excited for this year. And Ginger’s passed her MOT this week. All reasons to celebrate. Pass the Prosecco please!
x Claire


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CAMEL MILK ICE CREAM, in these delicious flavours…

Plain, touch of vanilla
Pure Origins chocolate
Vanilla & tonka bean

A few of you may recall our ventures with camel milk a couple of years back. We’ve got more! The last batch was raw milk from a farm in Holland, this time we’re using the Camelicious brand, which comes pasteurised from their farm in Dubai. Camel milk is low in fat, contains beneficial fatty acids and is high in vitamin C. There are no known allergies to it, and for those who are intolerant to the lactose in dairy it’s a great alternative to cows’ milk and soya.
One aspect of using camel milk that appealed to me back in 2011 was the assertion from the farmers I met that you couldn’t milk a grumpy camel. Keeping the animals happy was a big part of milking these strong, leggy beasts. Camelicious keep their camels in spacious paddocks within their own social groupings, and are always within short reach of their calves. Camels have a strong emotional bond with their off-spring (as I suspect cows do) and this is reassuring. Mothers and calves also exercise together daily. The overall health and wellbeing of the herds are a high priority with regular washing, grooming and nail clipping, along with high quality nutrition.
There’s a long way to go PR-wise in getting camel milk accepted in the general consensus of “things that aren’t too weird to eat” but please come in and try it! We love introducing people to the weird and wonderful, why keep having the same things? People often come in asking for soya milk, but it’s nasty and we don’t stock it! Plenty of others do, we don’t. I’m not on a mission to convert, just to offer something new.

BEST DESSERT 2013 “Mr Whippy. sprinkles, sauce and a flake”

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Extra virgin olive oil soft serve ice cream, with black olive chocolate “flake”, black hawaiian salt sprinkles, strawberry compot, in a cone dipped in chocolate and freeze dried strawberry.
3 years in a row we’ve won! “Ithankyou”.

Festival no.6 Portmeirion

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This is the one I’ve been looking forward to the most. It felt like everybody in the world went last year and had the best time ever. The summer season draws to a close, and we want to mark a great season with a special menu. Rock N Roll baby.

“Feel Good Hit Of The Summer” – Absinthe
“Monkey Gone to Heaven” – Roasted banana, caramel, peanut
“Hey! You! Get offa my Cow!” – Dairy free melon, cashew, chilli
“Brown Sugar” – salted caramel, peanut butter
“Cool Cherry Cream” – Cherry, goats cheese
“I Should Cocoa” – Pure Origins chocolate