Marmalade and Toast

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Tangy and tart, sweet and crunchy. Have it for breakfast. Many Sicilians start the day with gelato stuffed into soft pillowy white rolls. If the Italians do it, it seems okay doesn’t it?
This grabbed us the British Street Food Awards best dessert 2012, and BEST OF THE BEST!
500ml pots £7.50

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  1. Lisa Hansen says:

    Just got back from Jimmys Harvest 2011 & had the best ice cream ever, got to the front of the queue just as someone said they had won best Street Food 2011 for deserts and they are so right. Fantastic ice cream, the best I have ever tasted. My husbands Grappa, lemon & treacle tart was fantastic too. I might have to move from Suffolk to Manchester to get a regular fix.

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